0 Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

Tinker Bell Birthday CakeThis was a very last minute cake but I still wanted it to be special!

I think it turned out cute! 🙂

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0 Purple and Black Birthday Cake

Purple-and-Black-60th-birthday-cakeWe’ve been on quite the birthday cake roll lately.

Apparently there are more birthdays then weddings in the last part of the year! But that’s okay, it’s nice to do something a little different every once in awhile! 🙂

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0 Whimsical 21st Birthday Cake

This cake was SO much fun!!! I have made a few cakes for this family. When they needed a 21st birthday cake, I knew it wasn’t going to be ordinary.

She sent me EXACTLY what she wanted this cake to look like, I followed her description to a T and this cake was born!

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0 Blue and White Damask Cake

Pink and Yellow Wedding CakeBlue-and-white-damaskBlue-and-white-damaskThis cake ROCKED! Right???

The bride brought me a picture from a magazine and wanted that cake with a few changes. I wish I knew who to give credit too. I just love it so much. And the white stenciling on the color layer??? SO CUTE!

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0 Pink and Yellow Wedding Cake

Cupcake towers are all the rage this year. I loved the color scheme and use of buttercream on this cake. It was a fun one to make!

(p.s. the cupcakes pictured were not made by me, but I did make 200 cupcakes for the wedding)

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0 Black and White Circle Cake

black-and-white-abstact-circle-cake-utahblack-and-white-abstact-circle-cake-utahblack-and-white-abstact-circle-cake-utahblack-and-white-abstact-circle-cake-utahI like to call this one my “No Pressure” Cake. For this family, it was their 4th daughter getting married. EVERY.SINGLE previous cake had been a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.  I sat and listened to every horror story and hoped I would be the one to change their fate around. I feel confident to say that I did just that. I went with the brides vision and ran. I love this cake.

And their story. Sometimes the couples story is the best part of any wedding!

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0 Hershey Bar Cake

Hershey-Bar-Cake-UtahHershey-Bar-Cake-UtahBecause who DOESN’T want a  giant Hershey Bar for a birthday cake???

This cake was SO fun to make. I thought about peeling the corner back to show a chocolate bar underneath, but in the end I wanted this one to just let the wrapper stand out. Maybe next time I make a giant Hershey bar I will peel it back! 🙂

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0 Damask Wedding Cake



Damask-wedding-cake-utahDamask-wedding-cake-utahDamask-wedding-cake-utahThis wedding cake was made for the daughter of the owners of the Wood Connection here in Utah. I love that store, and love their house SO much. I think I spent the whole consultation drooling over their kitchen and entry way! 🙂

There also has never been a nicer family.

Did you see the chandelier hanging over the cake???? Oh My Wow!! plus they had a live band.. and I’m a sucker for live band weddings.

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0 Cauldron Cake and Witch Cupcakes

cauldron-cake-utahwitch-cupcakes-utahI only made treats for one Halloween party this year, but I am SO glad I got to do this one! Nothing is more cute than a little girl who wants a witch birthday party.

Thank you Vanessa for the beautiful pictures!!!

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0 Blue and Yellow Wedding cake

This wedding was just beyond amazing. After a fantastic ceremony at The Wood On 9th, everyone headed over to Bonwood Bowl. The entire alley was reserved for just the reception and everyone had SO MUCH FUN!

Utah-wedding-cakeUtah-wedding-cakeUtah-wedding-cakeUtah-wedding-cakeBlue-and-yellow-utah-wedding-cakeBlue-and-yellow-utah-wedding-cakeThank you to Kirstin Roper Photography for these amazing pictures.

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