0 Hollywood Birthday Cake

When I was approached with the idea of a Hollywood themed cake, my mind automatically started reeling with ideas. (Ha… reeling, like a film reel.. get it?? Oh I crack myself up sometimes)

There were so many fun little touches in this cake that I just loved..



And check out that popcorn!!! Isn’t it fun??? It looks so real. It was the hit of the party, I was told



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0 Tomato Cake

This is the same client I made the Ladybug cake for. Instantly her boys started dreaming of the cakes they wanted for their birthdays (MONTHS away) As they were on their way to the Ladybug birthday parts Stephanie texted me that the boys decided they wants a tomato and a Hershey bar cake for their birthday!

Thus.. The Angry Tomato cake was born..



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5 Wildflower Wedding Cake

Wild flower grass wedding cake

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0 Black Damask Wedding Cake


Before I even begin telling you about this AMAZING cake, I have to tell you about the reception location. This couple had their reception at Spring Haven in Springville. I could never convey in my words how truly beautiful this place was. I could have stayed there all day. It was breath taking. I also want to say a HUGE thank you to the family that was involved. We were there for awhile and got to talk to quite a few family members who were all so wonderful and friendly.
Love, love, love. This damask pattern matched the wedding so perfectly. I was so happy to make this addition to the wedding that fit so well. Gosh, I love this cake. (It might be my new favorite…)
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1 Red and Black swirls

Red-and-black-wedding-cake-ut It’s funny how when we started talking about this cake it was COMPLETELY different than our final design. In fact, we probably changed our minds at least 3 times. But don’t you love the final result?? She was a little worried that hearts were too cliche for a wedding, but I think it worked great.

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1 Navy Blue Wedding Cake


Navy-Blue-Wedding-Cake-Utah This was one of those cakes where I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to do even when I started it. I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out. So beautiful, sparkly and just perfect!
Hopefully you got a chance to see it at the Bridal Expo in the America First booth. 🙂
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1 Ladybug Birthday Cake

Isn’t she so sweet?? I adored making this cake. Every once in awhile a cake comes a long that is hard to part with, and this was one of those cakes.
I was so happy that the client made sure I knew how much the little girl and he entire family loved this cake, because I did too.

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0 Zoo Birthday Cake

I am so in love with how cute this cake turned out. It was for a 4 year old little boy’s birthday. He loves going to the zoo, so we incorporated his favorite zoo animals into his birthday cake.
Topped with his favorite Baby Zuri.
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0 Zebra Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cake

Yellow is the new white. As I was making this cake I just kept thinking how much the 80’s have come back. Yellow, Turquoise, and Purple. Gotta love it…

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0 Purple and Silver Wedding Cake

This wedding was at one of my favorite venues. Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah. I love doing weddings there, it’s so calming and beautiful.

This was a couple that I had the pleasure of meeting at the last bridal fair I did. I love that they wanted a very simple crisp and clean wedding cake. We spruced up the ribbon a bit by a thick pretty purple ribbon and 3 tiny silver ribbons. They left it flower free and added this classic old fashioned bride and groom topper. Love it..

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