Pricing Information


Pricing is determined solely on complexity of design and amount of real cake vs. faux layers.

*Minimum Wedding Cake Order is $150.00*

Example of pricing:

An all white 3 tier fondant covered wedding cake (6″ / 8″ / 10″) with ONLY the top layer real cake, would be $150.

If only the top layer is real cake, you can estimate that the cost will be approximately half of what another bakery would charge for the same design in all real cake.

A 3 tier all real cake to serve approx 100 people covered in white fondant -OR- buttercream starts at $375.00


Serving sizes are based on the industry normal of 1″ x 2″ x 4″ servings. Wedding cakes yield more servings than birthday cakes.

10″ Round – 40 servings
12″ Round – 60 servings
14″ Round – 80 servings
16″ Round – 100 servings
18″ Round – 125 servings

10″ Square – 50 servings
12″ Square – 75 servings
14″ Square – 100 servings
16″ Square – 130 servings
18″ Square – 170 servings


Want to order your cake with only the top layer real but do you still want your keepsake tier to freeze and have on your first anniversary?

We offer keepsake tiers that 6″ cakes decorated with the same pattern as the top layer of your wedding cake. The keepsake tier is delivered boxed and ready for your freezer.

Keepsake tiers are $35.00


Cupcakes are available in 3 sizes:

Large – $1.75             Regular – $1.25                Mini – $.90

*minimum order of 2 dozen (24) regular and large cupcakes and a minimum of 4 dozen (48) Mini’s*

Cupcakes are available in all Cake Flavors and are even able to be filled.

*Pricing is for buttercream frosting only. Additional decorations are extra*


Various Mini desserts are offered for a fun and unique desert display.  Mini desserts can include but are not limited to:

  • Cake Bites or Pops
  • Cheesecake Bites or Pops
  • Chocolate dipped rice crispy treats
  • Soft sugar cookies
  • Various Cookies – Chocolate chip, Snicker doodle, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin ect.
  • Mini Tarts –  flavors include Strawberry, Coconut cream, Double Chocolate, German Chocolate, Key Lime, Banana Cream, & Cream bottom with fresh fruit on top
  • Cannolis
  • Cream puffs or Eclairs
  • Chocolate mouse tarts
  • Lemon bars
  • Brownies –  Flavors are : Plain, cream cheese, mint, German chocolate

*Mini desserts are $11.50 a dozen with a minimum order of 4 dozen*